Scaling Solar Energy towards a Sustainable Future

We develop and sell solar parks

Next Generation Project Developer

The heavy fossil fuel dependence in electricity production is a major contributor to climate change. This makes the energy transition towards sustainable solutions one of the major challenges of our time. 

HPSolartech is a next generation project developer of solar PV parks focusing on lowering project thresholds and shorten time to commissioning. We do this through better utilization of land and infrastructure and by applying more efficient processes. This enables us to offer better investor returns, a better deal for landowners and a faster track for our planet towards a sustainable future.

Are you a Landowner?

By leasing land to us you can monetize hidden assets and create new steady and long-term revenue streams and at the same time contribute to the green energy transition and preservation of biodiversity.

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For Investors

Solar is the most cost efficient and fastest growing energy source on the planet. Yet, large scale deployment is still in its infancy. The demand for electricity is expected to increase as the world needs to accelerate the phase out of fossil fuels. This creates investor opportunities.

This is your opportunity to work for the company that is going to build a European  leader within solar energy development. Creating a world where both people and planet can continue to prosper might be the greatest challenge of our generation.