This is HPSolartech

We are the next generation solar energy producer

HPSolartech is a Sweden based solar energy company founded by a group of dedicated people with the ambition to help realize the true potential of solar energy throughout the northern Europe market. Time is off essence here since we only have a maximum of two decades before we need to be in net zero CO2 emission territory in order not to jeopardize global climate stability. To reach there in time we believe we need to do some things differently.

We need to make better use of available land, better utilize existing infrastructure and speed up the time to site commissioning. This is what a next generation solar energy company is all about. With entrepreneurial backgrounds in business and engineering we constitute an impatient crew used to work against deadlines and use the power of innovation to reach our goals.

What we do

Fast transition from brown to green energy in a financially profitable way

We manage the whole value chain to realize a fully operational PV power plant. We qualify and secure the rights to attractive sites, build profitable business cases for each portfolio, secure financial structures, design and construct the plants. And then we manage the assets for at least 30 years and sell the solar energy to Swedish companies.


Let’s lead our lives to contribute to a better tomorrow.