For Landowners

Solar farms are good for the economy, and they are good for the environment.

Generate income while keeping the land in the family for the next generation

The rights to operate and extract useful natural resources have always been considered a valuable asset. Solar leases provide guaranteed payments for the duration of the project’s life while the land continues to appreciate. This is an excellent way to generate additional income on a piece of land while keeping the property in the family for the next generation.
Solar leases offer you as a landowner the opportunity to partner with a solar developer and earn long-term revenue from the generation of solar energy. Your land is a valuable asset. This is obvious when it comes to farmland and forests but may also be true for impediments and other less productive areal. By leasing land to us, you generate new income for a longer period and still have the flexibility to pass it on to the coming generation or make alternative use of it at the end of the lease.

Contribute to a sustainable future for the next generation

One of the most obvious candidates for a solar site lease is a piece of unproductive land, or land that has been set aside, a solar site lease can drastically increase the value of an otherwise dormant piece of land. Leasing your land to us is not only a good financial deal. It’s also a significant contribution to the creation of a sustainable world. A solar park on your land will generate hundreds of GWh of electrical energy over its lifetime thus helping your region and northern Europe to transit into a renewable economy. Furthermore, the leased land could provide the additional function of serving as a habitat for pollinators and contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity.

What types of land are of interest?

Most types of land are of interest to us. It is generally an advantage if the land is close to a grid connection point; but this is something we check as soon as we establish contact with you. A typical lease runs for 35-45 years with a competitive annual lease fee from day one. At the end of the lease period, we dismantle the facility for recycling and restore the land to initial condition. Our team of experienced solar developers evaluate sites on a daily basis and would be happy to assess your land’s potential.

If you are a landowner and think this might be a good opportunity for you, please contact us and we will set up a first meeting together with you.

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